SSMID Renewal

Self-Supported Municipal Improvement District Renewal

Downtown property owners are encouraged to sign the petition to authorize the renewal of the Downtown Bettendorf Self-Supported Municipal Improvement District (SSMID) up for renewal.

At least 25% of all owners of commercial, residential or industrial property within the proposed SSMID boundaries, and 25% or more of the assessed value of all applicable properties, must sign in favor of the renewal to be considered by the City of Bettendorf. 

The current SSMID expires in June 2024. The renewal would start with the levy of taxes for collection in the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2024, for five years. The rate would not exceed $2.75 per thousand dollars of taxable valuation.    

The Downtown Bettendorf Organization (DBO) directs the funds of the SSMID with approval from the City of Bettendorf. The renaissance of downtown Bettendorf is underway as highlighted in the FY23 successes of the DBO.

Download the flyer highlighting DBO’s 2023 accomplishments.

Funds collected would be used for any of the following purposes within the SSMID:  

  • Enhanced maintenance, cleaning and upkeep of public spaces  
  • Graffiti removal on public property and private buildings 
  • Development, marketing, promotion and management of activities and  
  • Capital, physical or other improvements designed to enhance the image, appearance and functionality  
  • Research and planning services  
  • Activities and operations benefiting the District under any agreements with the City of Bettendorf or other public or quasi-public entities 
  • Promotion and advancement of the SSMID, including the use of public spaces, services and improvements, policies and practices, business retention and attraction, and activities and events  
  • Other activities intended to develop or enhance the SSMID 

Check out the new proposed boundaries for Downtown Bettendorf highlighted in pink on the SSMID proposed Map.

Support and Sign the Self-Supported Municipal Improvement District petition, then turn it in to Ryan Jantzi.