November 2018: Build to Suit

There are a lot of great construction projects happening in the greater Quad Cities and throughout the Mid-west and more than likely there is a sign on site with the letters BTS? What is BTS you ask? Build to Suit, Inc. (BTS) is a General Contractor that provides a design-build approach to construction that speeds up the delivery of projects, ensures quality and minimizes costs. Build to Suit was founded in 2002 and is located in the heart of Downtown Bettendorf. Downtown Bettendorf is known for a number of service industry businesses and is proud to have Build to Suit headquartered in our downtown. Build to Suit prides themselves on their Midwest work values and building lasting relationships with their clients. From pre-construction planning to design build contracting and real estate development; look no further than Build to Suit. The Downtown Bettendorf Organization is proud to have Build to Suit as an anchor tenant in our downtown and is honored to celebrate them as our business of the month. It’s not a coincidence BTS signs are on all of the top construction projects around town and the greater Mid-west.